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MERKO completed the construction of Tokvila automotive Repair Centre in Vilnius

UAB Merko statyba has completed the construction of a new pre-owned car sales and body repair centre at Savanorių prospektas, Vilnius, owned by Tokvila company. This is the largest in the Baltic States.

The new centre, which covers more than 11,000 square metres, will have an enclosed, heated area for the displaying and storing up to 250 used Toyota or other used cars at the same a time. A 2,600 square metre state-of-the-art body repair facility will be built next door, with the capacity to repair and prepare up to 350 cars each month.

“It is clear that the European new car market is struggling for a number of reasons, from a semiconductor scarcity to shifting attitudes regarding mobility options. In the face of rising new car prices, demand for used vehicles is increasing. Although this is considered a riskier alternative, Toyota has a solution and offers a 2-year warranty on all cars up to 10 years old that qualify for the Toyota Approved programme. This adds significant value and raises the attractiveness of used cars to a much higher level,” said Gintautas Ignotas, CEO of Tokvila, aduring the new center’s opening.

According to him, the goal is to provide the same comfortable environment for used vehicle purchasers as for new car buyers, thus it was decided to invest in a completely new concept centre. The total investment is close to EUR 14 million. The modern and functional building is A+ in terms of energy efficiency. It will be heated and cooled by geothermal energy, and a new generation of painting equipment with heat recovery will assist to save energy and cut CO2 emissions. The building has 16 car charging stations and a 680 kW solar power plant to be installed on the roof in the near future, to generate up to 80% of the electricity required by the service.

“We are honoured that our partner, Tokvila, has entrusted us with the task of exceeding their expectations and constructing a contemporary, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly auto repair and sales facility. For decades, we have been building residential and commercial buildings for both Lithuanian and foreign companies, following the latest construction trends, organising our work to minimise environmental impact, and ensuring that the built structures are energy-efficient, saving resources and operating costs. We used all of our expertise and experience to develop this new auto centre facility,” stated Saulius Putrimas, CEO of UAB Merko statyba.