Merko homes

Merko is the leading developer of residential projects in the Baltics. Since 2001, we have built homes for thousands of families. To ensure the best quality and convenience for home buyers, we manage all phases of residential projects: planning, design development, construction, sales, and service during the warranty period.

Our goal is to offer the finest living environment possible. In planning and building new homes, we consider people’s needs and desires, the environment and energy conservation, and set high quality requirements for construction and interior finishing. In every residential development, we contribute our knowledge and experience with the goal of creating a home whose value stands the test of time.

A Merko home is characterized by an integrated living environment, high energy efficiency, good acoustic damping with regard to inside and outside noise and a healthful interior climate. We’ve provided apartments in selected development projects with innovative smart home software solutions that allow utilities and living environment to be controlled from a smartphone or tablet computer. For example, lighting, heat, ventilation can be adjusted, or the door opened for arriving guests.